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Security Stud for Door Hinges

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Security stud for door hinges


  • Security studs are used for exterior doors that open outward. Doors that open outward have their hinge pins on the outside of the building.
  • If a potential intruder removes the hinge pins, the security stud protects the door from being removed by locking the leaves of the hinges together.
  • To install the security studs, remove two screws from your hinge. These two screws must be aligned back to back when the hinge (or door) is closed.
  • Replace one of the screws with a security stud and drill a receiving hole in the other empty screwhole
  • When the door closes the security stud will slide into the receiving hole locking the two hinge leaves in place
  • To determine your screw hole size it is best to take a countersunk screw with a known size and place it in the hinge screw hole.

#10 Size

  • Replaces #10 countersunk head screws measuring 11/32" across the head. 
  • Will work on wood doors and frames

#12 Size

  • Replaces #12 countersunk head screws measuring 3/8" across the head.
  • Threaded with a 12-24 machine screw thread which matches the thread that is used on metal door frames. 
  • Will work on wood and metal doors and frames.



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