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Lokk Latch Pro SL
    Lokk Latch Pro SL
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    Lokk Latch Pro SL

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      • The LokkLatch PRO-SL is a commercial grade self-locking security latch for general-purpose gates. Not only can this lock be operated and locked from either side of a gate, when the latch closes it will lock automatically for added security. As the latch automatically locks, a key is required to enter and exit, providing an extra dimension of security and making LokkLatch PRO-SL the ideal choice for installation in apartments, condos, gated communities, commercial and other security-conscious properties.
      • Fits posts up to 6" in thickness.
      • Available in two different models; one model is for Metal & Wood gates, the other model is for Vinyl Gates.
      • Made from tough glass reinforced polymer material with stainless steel internal parts. Polymer is UV stabilized.
      • Includes instructions, fitting jig, 2 keys and all necessary mounting fasteners.
      • Stocked with keyed different cylinders.
      • These locks may be re-keyed by any locksmith. Keys may be duplicated using a 6 pin Kwikset KW10 key blank.
      • We can provide rekeying services at an extra charge. You will need to contact us for this service. Notes asking for this service will not be honored.
      • Always check with your building department's local building code requirements before installing in swimming pool areas. And please remember that swimming pool gates must be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are functioning properly in order to keep small children out of the swimming pool area.
      Locking/Latching Function:
      • Gates have a "pull" side (pull on gate to open) and a "push" side (push on gate to open).
      • Typically, the "push" side of the gate is the outside of the gate (or the street side) and the "pull" side of the gate is the inside (or yard side).
      • The latching mechanism installs on the "pull" side of the gate.
      • This latch automatically locks the gate when the gate is closed.
      • The gate can be unlocked with the key from either side of the gate, allowing the gate to be opened.
      • Once the gate is closed it cannot be reopened except by using the key.

      D & D Technologies' Lokk Latch Pro SL offers the gate security you need for your commercial property. It's a commercial-grade self-locking security latch that requires a key to unlock when closed. If you're installing fences around apartment communities, restaurant patio areas, resorts, daycare centers, warehouses, and other properties where security is a top priority, the Lokk Latch Pro SL is a reliable and secure option that will help keep the people, animals, or items inside the barrier safe.

      This gate latch is available in two different models for vinyl gates and metal or wood gates. These are made of glass-reinforced polymer material with stainless steel internal parts. The polymer is even UV stabilized! Typically, the Lokk Latch Pro SL is installed on the inside of the gate, or the "pull side". As you pass through the gate, the latch will automatically lock, and can only be reopened via one of the two provided keys. However, these locks can be re-keyed by a locksmith should you wish to be very proactive in your security measures after a year or two. The matching fasteners are included with your purchase. Note that these latches fit posts up to 6" thick. These latches are excellent for keeping residents and their children safe in gated communities, and kids from accidentally unlatching a gate and wandering off. These can even be used for pet daycares, as open grounds for dogs can be locked so you can let them play while you get other tasks completed. With you or staff holding the only keys to the locks, no one will be allowed entry into the fenced area that you don't want permitted.

      After you place your order, we'll pack and ship your gate latches within one business day. Want to ask us something before ordering? Send us a message via the LiveChat system on our website, where an online agent will speak with you directly about your question or concern. If you have any other questions about the Lokk Latch Pro SL or would like to learn more about our inventory of gate latches, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

      D & D Technologies
      Gravity Latch
      Kwikset KW10 (6 Pin)
      Matching Fasteners
      Prop 65 Warning
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      | February 14th, 2019
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      2 Questions asked about Lokk Latch Pro SL

      Q Paul • 01/13/2018, 11:29:43 AM is it possible to purchase just the striker part of something like the LokkLatch Pro. I have a LokkLatch unit that is older but looks alot like that one, with a key inside and out. Here in the northeast the ground under the gate froze and heaved more that usual and it has lifted the gate and broken the plastic that surrounds the pin. I would like to purchase just the striker if possble. Can you help? TIA Paul Hagen
      A 01/13/2018, 11:54:55 AM These products are only sold as a complete set. Unfortunately, we do not have parts available for individual sale.
      Q Jeffrey Starr • 07/12/2018, 7:41:02 AM Can the LokkLatch Pro SL be installed on a 2 inch square metal support? The information references the max distance but not the minimum.
      A 07/12/2018, 8:59:11 AM The LokkLatch PRO-SL for metal and wood gates can be fitted to Fence Posts ranging from 11/2� to 6� (38-150mm) in depth. Hope this helps.
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