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Kant-Slam Hydraulic Gate Closer
    Kant-Slam Hydraulic Gate Closer
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    Kant-Slam Hydraulic Gate Closer

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      • The original Kant-Slam Hydraulic Gate Closer made by Hi-Lift.
      • Made in the USA.
      • Closes large or small gates up to 150 lbs, easily, gently, and smoothly.
      • Will not slam your gate.
      • Hydraulic action gives ample closing force at the latching point.
      • Adjustment screw regulates closing speed.
      • Complies with most pool gate legislation restrictions (check your local ordinance).
      • Installs on side, top, middle or bottom of right or left hand gate.
      • This heavy duty hydraulic gate closer mounts on opening side of door.
      • This Kant-Slam hydraulic gate closer has a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees. The manufacturer recommends the use of a stop at 90 degrees to prevent damage to the slam closer.
      • Mounting bracket measures 3-1/4" by 1-3/4".
      • To see our import version of the Kant Slam style closer CLICK HERE

        • Notes:

        • For the closer to work properly the surface of the post (where the closer is attached) must be flush with the surface of the gate.
        • Not designed for high-frequency gates.

      A Kant-Slam gate closer is a type of hydraulic gate closing device that is designed to automatically close gates after they've been opened. There are several reasons to use a Kant-Slam gate closer:

      1. Safety: By ensuring that gates close automatically, Kant-Slam gate closers help prevent unauthorized access to your property and minimize the risk of accidents, such as children or pets wandering into potentially dangerous areas.

      2. Convenience: Automatic gate closers save you the time and effort of manually closing gates behind you, making it easier to move in and out of your property.

      3. Security: Kant-Slam gate closers help maintain security by preventing intruders from sneaking in through an inadvertently left-open gate.

      4. Durability: These gate closers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage, making them a long-lasting solution for gate control.

      5. Adjustable closing speed: Kant-Slam gate closers often come with adjustable closing speed settings, allowing you to control the speed at which your gate closes to suit your specific needs.

      6. Easy installation: These gate closers can be installed on various types of gates, such as wooden, metal, or vinyl gates.

      7. Minimal noise: The hydraulic mechanism in Kant-Slam gate closers helps to minimize noise generated during the gate closing process, reducing disturbance to your property.

      United States
      7 - 1/2"
      2 - 1/2"
      Prop 65 Warning
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