Hinge Shim Pack

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Hinge Shim Pack


  • Hinge shims are used to re-align your doors.
  • Doors that are mis-aligned bind on the door frame which causes difficulty in opening and closing.
  • Hinge shims are made of high impact plastic, far superior to cardboard shims which compress over time.


  • They are installed under the hinge leaf
  • Each shim allows for 1/16" of adjustment.
  • To achieve more adjustment, simply increase the number of shims.
  • The door and hinge does not need to be removed to install the shims.
  • Shims are installed by removing two screws and loosening the others.
  • Shim is slipped inbetween the hinge and door or frame.
  • Hinge screws are replaced and tightened.

Available in 3 sizes and sold by the pack. Shims are color coded for easy size recognition:

  • For 3.5" hinges, shims are white (18 shims per pack)
  • For 4" hinges, shims are gray  (15 shims per pack)
  • For 4.5" hinges, shims are black (15 shims per pack)



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