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Handed #65 Youngdale Hinge
    Handed #65 Youngdale Hinge
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    Handed #65 Youngdale Hinge

    $5.19 Per Pair
      HardwareSource - Checkmark See below if ordering the right handed nickel option


      Please Note: The Right Handed Nickel option (SKU 200326) is currently on backorder and is not due until March of 2023. If you would like to wait for this item you can place an order which we will put on hold. We will ship your held order as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      • These handed Youngdale hinges are wrap around type hinges that are made for a face frame that is 3/4" thick.
      • If you are replacing your hinges you will notice that the hinge plate that is fastened to the inside of your door is stamped with the model number. The right hand model will be stamped with "65" and "R". The left hand model will be stamped with "65" and "L".
      • Please note these hinges are sold by the pair which means two complete hinges. For example, if you order a pair of left hand hinges you get two left hand hinges.
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      Exact Replacement
      cliffk | June 9th, 2018
      These #65 Youngdale Hinges are exact replacements, right down to the color and mounting holes, for TX500R and TX500L hinges that came on my kitchen cabinets.

      4 Questions asked about Handed #65 Youngdale Hinge

      Q Allen Preiss Sr • 02/28/2018, 10:47:44 AM Do you stock 65r full rap in nickel? I need 18 sets.
      A 02/28/2018, 12:18:04 PM The Handed Youngdale #65's only come in Antique Brass unfortunately.
      Q Robert DeFalle • 04/24/2018, 2:10:50 PM Does the 65L & R still come in nickel finish? I need to order 2 of each to see how they are to replace the old Hinges. Should they work I will be needing many more.
      A 04/24/2018, 2:44:40 PM Hi Robert! These Handed #65 Youngdale Hinges only come in an Antique Brass finish unfortunately. If you have them stamped "65L" or "65R", then you indeed need the Handed versions as the normal #65 will not match and holes would need to be redone.
      Q Neal Jenkins • 12/23/2018, 8:28:41 AM How do I know what size hinge I have they are just marked R and L no numbers but they are Kemper cabinets about 20 years old
      A 12/26/2018, 9:33:53 AM Neal, if there are no number son your hinge, you will want to measure the overlay and door thickness, and then that will tell you what Youngdale hinge you need. Here's how you measure your overlay; Style #3 is for a 1/4" overlay door with a 1/2" minimum door thickness. Style #5 is for a 1/4" overlay door with a 5/8" minimum door thickness. Style #65 is for a 1/2" overlay door with a 1/2" minimum door thickness. Style #6 is for a 1/2" overlay door with a 5/8" minimum door thickness. Style #8 is for a 5/8" overlay door with a 3/4" minimum door thickness. Style #4 is for a 3/8" partial inset door (lipped door)
      Q Edward Connell • 05/10/2021, 6:03:58 AM I removed the right had door of my cabinet. The top hinge I clearly marked 65L and the bottom hinge is clearly marked 65R. This doesn’t make sense to me, and I’m sure is confusing to you. Can you explain this, and also tell me what I should buy?
      A 05/10/2021, 8:54:07 AM You need the Handed Youngdale #65 hinges Ed. Sold in pairs of lefts and pairs of rights, so make sure to order accordingly.
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