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Gate Hardware

Gate Gate Hardware

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Each Square Bar Fish Tail Grille
Each Round Iron Clavos
  Round Iron Clavos
Each $2.90
Each Lokk Latch Pro SL
★★★★★ ★★★★★ (1) Lokk Latch Pro SL
Each $75.49
Each Heart Style Gate Pull
  Heart Style Gate Pull
Each $12.00
Each Medium Duty Cane Bolt, 12"
Each Rough Heart Style Dummy Strap
Each Smooth Bean Style Dummy Strap
Each Solid Bronze Dummy Straps
  Solid Bronze Dummy Straps
Each $24.00
Each Solid Bronze Band Dummy Strap
Each Classic Resin Dummy Strap
  Classic Resin Dummy Strap
Each $29.97
Each Flat End Dummy Strap
  Flat End Dummy Strap
Each $28.00
Each Spear Style Dummy Strap
  Spear Style Dummy Strap
Each $13.49
Each Arrowhead Dummy Strap
  Arrowhead Dummy Strap
Each $32.00
Per Pair Fancy Dummy Strap
  Fancy Dummy Strap
Per Pair $60.11
Each Spearhead Resin Dummy Strap
Each Orleans Dummy Strap Hinge
  Orleans Dummy Strap Hinge
Each $13.20
  • Black
  • Dark Bronze
Each Rough Bean Style Dummy Strap
Each Medium Duty Cane Bolt, 18"
Each Black Gate Closer Spring
★★★★★ ★★★★★ (1) Black Gate Closer Spring
Each $14.64
Each Twisted Square Door Pull
  Twisted Square Door Pull
Each $49.00
  • Black
  • Brown Rust
Each Square Door Clavos
  Square Door Clavos
Each $4.96
Each Wall Mounted Stop with Holder