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Friction Type Lid Support, Nickel
    Friction Type Lid Support, Nickel
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    Friction Type Lid Support, Nickel

    $24.97 Each
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      • Lid support is convertible, reversible, adjustable and demountable.
      • Can be used on a horizontal lid, a vertical lid or a drop down lid.
      • The friction on the lid support is adjustable. It is active in one direction with no friction in the opposite direction.
      • Both lid support attachments are demountable (they snap out) from from the lid support.
      • The demountable feature allows you to reverse the direction that the friction is applied.
      • The slide button near the hub of the lid support allows you to change the direction of the friction action from up-opening to down-opening.
      Zinc Alloy
      20 lbs per pair
      4 x #6 Flat head screws
      Prop 65 Warning
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      3 Questions asked about Friction Type Lid Support, Nickel

      Q John Thomas • 03/11/2018, 1:31:46 PM Is the length from one end to the other or from one end to the hingepoint ?
      A 03/13/2018, 9:23:24 AM Hi John! The length under the "Specs" is from end-to-end.
      Q Pam • 03/18/2018, 7:06:11 PM Would these work for a toy box with an angled lid?
      A 03/19/2018, 3:26:44 PM Hi Pam! It is just supported by Friction so being within the weight capacity when using a pair (20lbs.) is recommended. Also, this support can only open about 75-90 degrees and with an angled lid like your application you may need something that can open further than just that.
      Q Peggy McGlone • 01/05/2019, 10:05:12 AM I have a kitchen cabinet that has one door measuring 36 in wide and 15 high that opens upward. It had hinges on it that resemble the friction type lid support nickle I found on your website, as well as two others that screwed into the top wood frame. Those hinges feel out, and the side one (only one, on the right) never locked in place to keep the door open. The door weighs 12 lbs. Can you help me with the hardware I need to put the door back on and to make it stay open (as you can imagine, holding a 12 lb door with one hand while reaching for flour or cans or whatever with the other isn't ideal. Thank you Peggy
      A 01/07/2019, 10:28:04 AM Hi Peggy! So you just need to supports and already have the hinges to pivot the door? This is weight rated 20 lbs when using two so we would recommend attaching one on both sides. The friction is also adjustable on that support.
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