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Invisible Hinges

Invisible Hinges

At, we have a great selection of invisible or hidden hinges. Whatever you want to call them, they’re hard to see! No, just kidding, they’re called invisible hinges because once installed and the door is in the closed position, you can’t see them unless you’re Superman of course. We stock invisibled door hinges by Soss, Tectus, and Lamp, aka Sugatsune. Joe Soss invented the Soss hidden hinge over a century ago when the idea struck him after he stumbled over a protruding cargo hold hinge on a ship. 100 years later, Soss hinges are still in demand. Well, leave it to the Germans to take the invisible hinge to the next level. Simonswerk, a manufacturer of the Tectus hinge, a company started in 1889, hey, they’re three years older than us! Makes a hidden hinge that is adjustable in three directions for ultimate adjustability. Tectus hinges are state of the art and beautifully engineered hinges. So, if you’re looking for hidden hinges, we can help you find them, kryptonite and all.

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Per Pair Soss Extra Light Duty Concealed Hinges
Per Pair Soss Light Duty Concealed Hinges
Each Soss Spring Closer Hinge
  Soss Spring Closer Hinge
Each $103.66
  • Black
  • Satin Brass
  • Satin Chrome
Each Tectus Universal Milling Frame
Each Routing Template for Tectus TE 340 3D
  Routing Template for Tectus TE 340 3D
Each View Product For Pricing
Each Routing Template for Tectus TE 240 3D
  Routing Template for Tectus TE 240 3D
Each View Product For Pricing
  Router Bits for Templates
  Router Bits for Templates
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Each Router Guides For Soss Hinges
Per Set Router Template Guide
  Router Template Guide
Per Set $28.94