Surface Mounted Cabinet Hinges

  • Stainless Steel Surface Mounted Hinge 3/8" Offset

    $695 Each

Are you on the hunt for surface-mount hinges for kitchen cabinets? HardwareSource has all your needs covered in one convenient place. Surface mount cabinet hinges, also known as butterfly hinges, are completely visible from the front of the cabinet. They are designed to fit flush or offset cabinet doors. Although they are quite ornamental, the fact that surface mount hinges are so functional has made them a popular choice in the past and they are quickly making a comeback in the present. Homeowners wanting to make a bold design statement and restoration specialists that pay close attention to the minute details are sure to find a solution that suits their particular set of needs in our inventory.

Butterfly hinges are aptly named for having a decorative, symmetrical design consisting of leaves or wings. These hinges are widely used on anything from cupboards to shutters, allowing the flaps or lids of casework and furnishings to gracefully swing open and closed in one smooth motion. We offer a large selection of surface mount cabinet hinges, with design styles ranging from art deco to rustic, and a wide variety of finishes to complement any existing hardware.

If you are looking for that timeless wrought-iron look, there is plenty to find in our assortment of H-style hinges and butt hinges. Butt hinges attach to the edge of cabinets and doors, so that the knuckles show but the leaves are hidden from view. These hinges will give your cabinets a cleaner look. H-style hinges are one of the easiest types of hinges to install on flush mount doors, and they are typically used for corner cupboards or entertainment centers. We also carry beveled hinges for more of an ornate appearance. Many of our hinges are made of wrought steel and plated for rust resistance.

Give your built-ins a decorative boost by browsing our selection of surface mount cabinet hinges today. Our most popular finishes include polished brass or nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique copper, just to name a few. If you have a specific vision in mind, you can narrow your search by using our Shopping Options column to filter by features you want in your surface mount hinges. All products are in stock and ready to ship by the next day, so you can complete your project with complete confidence. If you have any questions about this selection, please contact us today.