Gate Strap Hinges

  • Strap for Pintle Hinge Systems

    From $753 Each
  • Bolt Pintle for Pintle Hinge Systems

    From $918 Each
  • Pintle Hinge for Livestock Gates, Large

    $5918 Per Pair
  • Screw Eye and Pintle Hinge

    From $1127 Each
  • Screw Hook and Eye Hinge

    From $2227 Each
  • Upright Pintle and Screw Eye

    From $1793 Each
  • Upright Pintle for Pintle Hinge Systems

    From $1182 Each
  • Screw Eye for Pintle Hinge Systems

    From $611 Each
  • Black Iron Bean Style Pintle Hinge

    $6899 Each
  • 24" Black Fieldgate Gate Hinge

    $14031 Per Set

Have you been hunting for hardware that will give your cabinets, doors, or gates a unique look? A strap hinge is both fashionable and functional, providing a classic solution that will add some curb appeal to your business or home. A strap hinge is characterized by its long, slim design and is comprised of two triangular pieces of metal which are connected by a rotating axis in the middle. Strap hinges are popularly used on doors and gates, but they can also be used to breathe new life back into an old-fashioned kitchen. Whether you are looking for decorative hinges that will dress up your kitchen cabinets or heavy-duty strap hinges that can support hefty doors, we have your needs covered.

We carry an assortment of gate strap hinges made of sturdy materials, such as aluminum, brass, bronze, iron, and steel. Each material has its own advantages depending on the qualities you need for a specific application. Aluminum is not only cost-effective but also resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. Brass is a durable material that has a subtle grain pattern that allows for better adhesion when it is finished. Bronze does not deteriorate in coastal areas and its low metal on metal friction is an advantage for many applications. Iron has been a beloved choice for the last several centuries because it offers an old-world look and stands the test of time. Steel and stainless steel don't easily tarnish, which means that they will be inexpensive to maintain for many years to come. Our selection of strap hinges includes a variety of finishes to choose from, including tones of black, brass, bronze, brushed chrome, polished chrome, satin nickel, white, and zinc. We also offer a wide range of weight ratings to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution.

Our selection of strap hinges includes pintle hinges for arched top gates as well as bolt and strap, screw and strap, and lift-off hinges. Our solid bronze gate strap hinges would certainly set the tone for any secret garden and give the shutters of any traditional home a touch of vintage whimsy. Heavy-duty strap hinges are also commonly used for heavy garage or barn doors. No matter what kind of hardware you need for your project, HardwareSource can help you find the best solution for an excellent price. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.