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Blum Compact 33 - Hinge Only




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Blum Compact 33 - Hinge Only


Important note: This page is for the Compact 33 hinge ONLY, and does not include the mounting plate or screws. To view the bundle which includes these products, please see related products below.


  • Mounts into a 35mm cup in the back of the cabinet door.  Cup depth is 1/2".
  • The bore distance (the distance from the edge of the 35mm cup to the edge of the door) is 1/8" for all applications of this hinge.
  • This hinge is adjustable after installation. Side to side adjustment is plus or minus 1/8" and height adjustment is plus or minus 9/64".

Mounting Plates

  • These hinges require mounting plates. 
  • This product page includes the hinge only. 
  • If you need mounting plates with your hinge they may be purchased separately or as part of a Compact 33 kit. Both pages are linked below.
  • You must determine your door's overlay before purchasing a mounting plate.


  • It is okay to reuse your existing mounting plates. They will work with the new hinge.
  • The following are some possible numbers that Blum has stamped on these hinges over the years: 120, 32.160, 30.310, PA66, 32.260
  • It is advisable to replace all of the hinges at the same time on any door when you have worn out hinges.
  • Prior versions of this hinge were made to open to 120 degrees. The 120 degree hinge can be replaced with this new 110 degree version . It is not advisable to mix 120 degree hinges with the new 110 degree hinge. 
  • This hinge used to be made in a dark antique brass finish. Nickel is now the only finish available.
  • The "Old Style" Blum Compact 33
    • You can use this new model hinge to replace your "old" style Blum Compact 33 hinge. The old style and the new style are functionally the same even though they look like different hinges (please trust us on this one).
    • The only difference is in the old style had its screw holes located closer to the pivot point of the hinge,
    • When replacing the Old Style with the New Style, you will have to re-drill the small wood screw holes. The new screw hole location will not interfere with the old screw hole location.
    • To view a comparison of the Old Style and the New Style click on the link below.



More Information
Manufacturer Blum
Model # 33.360
Finish Name Nickel
Material Cast Metal
Cabinet Door Type Full Overlay, 1/4" Overlay, 1/2" Overlay
Cabinet Type Face Frame
Soft Closing No
Self-Closing Yes
Plate Connection Type Screw-On
Opening Angle 110 Degrees
Cup Diameter 35
Screw Hole Spacing 45mm (1-3/4")
Mounting Hardware Included No
Mounting Hardware Type Two #6 x 5/8" flat head screws (our SKU 652360)
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