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Blum Compact 33 Hinge Bundle
    Blum Compact 33 Hinge Bundle
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    Blum Compact 33 Hinge Bundle SKU #: B10016 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ (1)

    Blum Compact 33 Hinge Bundle

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    • Mounts into a 35mm cup in the back of the cabinet door. Cup depth is 1/2".
    • The bore distance (the distance from the edge of the 35mm cup to the edge of the door) is 1/8" for all applications of this hinge.
    • This hinge is adjustable after installation. Side to side adjustment is plus or minus 1/8" and height adjustment is plus or minus 9/64".

    Mounting Plates

    • You must determine your door's overlay before purchasing a mounting plate.
    • To choose which plate is best for your door, simply measure your door overlay and match it up to the overlay dimension listed. There is a link below that will show you how to measure your overlay.


    • The following are some possible numbers that Blum has stamped on these hinges over the years: 120, 32.160, 30.310, PA66, 32.260
    • When replacing worn out or broken Blum hinges, it is a good idea to replace all the hinges on your door at the same time.
    • Prior versions of this hinge were made to open to 120 degrees. The 120 degree hinge can be replaced with this new 110 degree version . It is not advisable to mix 120 degree hinges with the new 110 degree hinge.
    • This hinge used to be made in a dark antique brass finish. Nickel is now the only finish available.
    • The "Old Style" Blum Compact 33
      • You can use this new model hinge to replace your "old" style Blum Compact 33 hinge. The old style and the new style are functionally the same even though they look like different hinges (please trust us on this one).
      • The only difference is in the old style had its screw holes located closer to the pivot point of the hinge,
      • When replacing the Old Style with the New Style, you will have to re-drill the small wood screw holes. The new screw hole location will not interfere with the old screw hole location.
      • To view a comparison of the Old Style and the New Style click on the document found under Downloads.
    33.360 (Hinge)
    130.1100.24 (1/4")
    130.1100.23 (1/2")
    130.1100.26 (5/8")
    130.1100.22 (3/4")
    130.1110.02 (1")
    130.1120.02 (1-1/8")
    130.1130.02 (1-1/4")
    130.1140.02 (1-3/8")
    130.1150.02 (1-1/2")
    130.1160 (1-5/8")
    Cast Metal
    Full Overlay
    Half Overlay
    110 Degrees
    45mm (1-3/4")
    Four #6 x 5/8" wood screws for the hinge and mounting plate
    Prop 65 Warning
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    Great Price
    | September 27th, 2018
    Hardware fit perfectly after I redrilled my screw holes, I had the older style Compact 33's before, so there was no other option, but i like these better! More secure, best price on the web, and got them on Monday when I ordered on Friday, unreal!!

    11 Questions asked about Blum Compact 33 Hinge Bundle

    Q Abby Harrison • 12/13/2017, 10:28:25 AM After selecting the hinge and mounting plate (screws included) is this all I need for mounting my cabinet doors?? No other parts necessary?
    A 12/13/2017, 12:59:18 PM This bundle includes all the parts you need!
    Q larry schmit • 01/13/2018, 1:56:51 PM What is a bundle
    A 01/13/2018, 2:29:20 PM The hinge, mounting plate, and screws for this product are typically sold separately. Rather than adding all of the individual parts to your shopping cart, you can purchase hinge bundles which include everything you need.
    Q Errol Johnson • 02/02/2018, 9:33:06 AM If emailed a photo of my old kitchen hinge to you could you tell me where I could find some upgrades
    A 02/03/2018, 10:46:56 AM Hello Errol, quite possibly we could. Please email pictures to [email protected]
    Q Bill Finneyfrock • 02/04/2018, 2:15:37 PM My Blum hinge opens towards the straight side of the hinge not the round side as shown in your picture.
    A 02/05/2018, 1:05:08 PM Hi Bill. You are describing the discontinued Compact 33 model that is no longer available. The new model will work just fine, although, you will need to redrill the screw holes. You can see more information about this here:
    Q chuck collins • 02/11/2018, 1:46:37 PM I I need replacement hinges for my Merillot cabinets. The number on the hinge is 30 310 11 07 also there is a number120. Can you help me out I hope?
    A 02/12/2018, 11:32:39 AM Hi Chuck. This is the correct hinge to replace yours. Just make sure to order the correct overlay plate or you can likely re-use your current plate(s) and order the hinge only here;
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