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Wrap Around Piano Hinge
    Wrap Around Piano Hinge
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    Wrap Around Piano Hinge

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      Double Wrap Piano Hinge SKU# 226020 $35.82
      Single Wrap Piano Hinge SKU# 226025 $29.97


      • This brass piano hinge is stocked in a 48" length.
      • Hinge is made to fit 3/4" plywood (or any lumber that measures exactly 3/4").
      • Both hinges are made to fit 3/4" plywood (or any lumber that measures exactly 3/4"). See dimensional diagram below for exact dimensions.
      • The knuckle length is 1/2" .
      • The screw holes are on 2" centers with occasional elongated holes for adjustability during installation. The Single wrap hinge has 70 screw holes per hinge. The Double wrap hinge has 94 screw holes per hinge. Screw holes are found on all hinge surfaces.
      • This hinge is only available in 48" lengths. If you need longer piano hinges you can install two hinges end to end with no loss of strength.
      • The brass plating on this hinge has minor scratches from the manufacturer. It is an industrial product and is not meant to be used on fine furniture.
      • We are not able to make cuts on this piano hinge, but it can be cut by the end user with a hacksaw.
      #5 Flat Head Screws
      Prop 65 Warning
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      2 Questions asked about Wrap Around Piano Hinge

      Q Thayer West • 07/17/2018, 1:20:58 PM I need a single wrap piano hinge in stainless steel or brushed nickel. Tx Thayer West
      A 07/17/2018, 3:26:17 PM Hi Thayer! The only single wrap piano hinge we carry is going to be the Brass Plated Steel unfortunately. You may want to check out McMaster Carr or Grainger who are industrial suppliers.
      Q John Marcum • 02/18/2019, 5:53:43 AM What is the weight load of the double wrap hinge. I am making a large cabinet for my hand tools. The doors are 56"x22" and with tools will weigh about 25-30 lbs.
      A 02/18/2019, 9:43:25 AM They don't have weight ratings John, which just means the mfg never did the load bearing tests. They are use at your best judgement, and the weight they could hold is probably going to be right around 30 pounds, yes.