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Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle - Installed, Interior
Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle - Installed, Interior Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle - Installed, Exterior Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle - Standard Kit Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle - Covers Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle - Remote Control Unit
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Truth Sentry II WLS Bundle

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    • This is the new power window system for Truth window operators which includes the wall control panel. Made for casement windows, awning windows, and lightweight skylights (see Truths website for specs on lightweight skylights).
    • This kit is suitable for retrofits and for new construction.
    • The motor system retrofits onto casement and awning windows and lightweight skylights operated with a hand crank manufactured by Truth Hardware. The motor system drives the same input that the handle is attached to.
    • Operates on normal US voltages. The transformer is built in.
    • Includes a rain sensor that automatically closes your window when it rains.
    • Comes with a standard wall control panel (operation switch).
    • An optional RF handheld remote control is available that can be used to operate an infinite number of Truth motorized windows. You can add one remote to this bundle. If more than one remote is desired, you can also view this item separately below under "Related Products".
    • There is a separate motor system for Pella brand windows. It comes with a special hardware pack to fit Pella Brand Windows. Please make sure to order this kit where applicable.
    • Note: There is a separate motor system for "heavy" skylight windows. To order this system item please call us toll free at 858-322-6353.


    • These items are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.
    • Because these items are electronic and improper installation or handling can cause damage to the electronics, these items are not returnable or refundable for any reason.
    • Problems with these products are rare, however if there is an issue, contact the factory via their 800 number shown on the installation instructions that come with the products.



    More Information
    Manufacturer Amesbury Truth
    Model # (Standard Motor System) (Pella Motor System)
    12490.32 (White Cover)
    12490.03 (Bronze Cover)
    12490.23 (Chestnut Cover) (Remote Control)
    HS SKU 800901 (Standard Motor System)
    800897 (Pella Motor System)
    800903 (White Cover)
    800904 (Bronze Cover)
    800905 (Chestnut Cover)
    800902 (Remote Control)
    Window Type Casement Windows, Awning Windows, Skylight
    Mounting Hardware Included Yes
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