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Solid Bronze Strap Hinge System
    Solid Bronze Strap Hinge System
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    Solid Bronze Strap Hinge System

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    • This very high-quality solid bronze strap hinge is made for use in coastal areas or anywhere a rustic old world design is desired.
    • Two hinges will support a 150 lb. gate or door. Three hinges will support a 250 lb. gate or door.
    • Bronze is an old world material that does not deteriorate in coastal or other regions. The Bronze finish, however, is a "living" finish. Please read more about this by clicking on the link.
    • This product is sold in components. The components consist of two items; a strap which attaches to the gate surface and a pintle which attaches to the post. The pintle is available as either a plate pintle, a screw-in pintle, or a jam pintle.

    Pintle Plate

    • Measures 2" wide by 6-1/4" tall. The plate material is about 1/4" thick. The pintle portion is 11/16" in diameter by 2" tall.
    • 1-1/2" Lag screws are included.

    Screw-in Pintle: Available in two sizes; small and large.

    • Small Size: Measures 5" horizontally and 3-3/8" vertically. The pintle portion is 11/16" in diameter by 2" tall. The screw thread portion is 3-1/4" by 11/16".
    • Large Size: Measures 7.5" horizontally and 3-7/8" vertically. The pintle portion is 11/16" in diameter by 2" tall. The screw thread portion is 6" by 13/16".

    Jam Pintle

    • Meant to be installed in the jamb or edge of the door frame or gate post and can be installed in a mortise (cutout).
    • The mounting plate portion of the "Jam Pintle" measures 4-3/4" wide by 2-7/16" tall by 9/32" thick.
    • The pintle is 2" tall by 11/16" in diameter.
    • Available in a right hand model and a left hand model. Here is how the handing works: Go to the side of the gate or door where the hinges are visible (the hinged side of the door), stand with your back against the gate or door. If you want the hinges on your right then you should order the right hand model. If you want your hinges on your left then you should order the left hand model.
    • Flat head wood screws are included. Screws are made from stainless steel and coated black.


    • 17" Strap: Uses 3 lag screws (included)
    • 24" Strap: Uses 4 lag screws (included)
    • 30" Strap: Uses 5 lag screws (included)

    Solid bronze pintle hinges are a type of pintle hinge that are made entirely from solid bronze. Bronze is an alloy made from copper and other metals, such as tin or zinc, and is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

    There are several reasons why someone might choose to use a solid bronze pintle hinge:

    1. Strength and durability: Solid bronze pintle hinges are very strong and durable, which makes them well-suited for heavy doors or gates that are subjected to a lot of stress or wear and tear. They can support a lot of weight and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

    2. Aesthetics: Solid bronze pintle hinges have a rich, warm color that can complement a variety of architectural styles. They also develop a patina over time that adds character and depth to the hinge.

    3. Low maintenance: Because bronze is resistant to corrosion, solid bronze pintle hinges require very little maintenance. They can be left to weather naturally, which can enhance their appearance and give them a unique, rustic look.

    4. Longevity: Solid bronze pintle hinges are very durable and can last for many years, even in harsh environments. This can make them a good investment for homeowners or property owners who want a high-quality hinge that will stand the test of time.

    Overall, solid bronze pintle hinges are a good choice for anyone who wants a strong, durable, and low-maintenance hinge that looks great and will last for many years. While they may be more expensive than other types of pintle hinges, their durability and longevity can make them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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