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Single Acting Spring Hinge
    Single Acting Spring Hinge
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    Single Acting Spring Hinge

    $44.71 Each
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      • Non -template hinge, for wood doors
      • Pivot points do not align with standard full mortise hinges. These hinges cannot be mixed with other types of hinges on the same door.
      • Large diameter barrel matches older style single acting pivot hinges.
      • Can be screwed on (standard installation) or welded on if desired.
      • Comes with wood screws
      • MADE IN USA

      7" Model

      • Leaf size: 1-3/8" x 7"
      • Max door thickness: 2"
      • Maximum door weight is 130lbs using 2 hinges and 175lbs using 3 hinges.
      • Machine screws included
      Single Acting
      Matching Wood Screws
      Prop 65 Warning
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      7 Questions asked about Single Acting Spring Hinge

      Q Sandra • 01/18/2018, 4:59:28 AM The price is for the pair or each single one?
      A 01/18/2018, 4:06:03 PM The price is for a single hinge.
      Q Hyrum Jones • 02/08/2018, 8:22:27 AM Can you tell me the thickness of the leafs on your 6" Single Action Spring Hinges?
      A 02/08/2018, 11:39:35 AM The leaves are .105" thick (slightly more than 3/32).
      Q Jim Shanahan • 04/23/2018, 6:49:04 PM Is the 7" model measured across both the leaves? If not where is the 7"? Will the hinge fit perfectually on a pre hung door unit using 1- 1/2 pair of 4" hinges Which hinge would I order to replace on a door that has 4" hinges with round corners? What is the actual thickness of the leaf 1/8"?
      A 04/24/2018, 8:46:19 AM Jim, the 7" measurement refers to the height of the leaves, not the width. You can not mix and match hinges with this Single Acting Spring Hinge as the pivot points will not align, and the door will not be able to open or close properly. All hinges on the door have to be replaced with this hinge if you decide to go ahead and use it.
      Q Nathan • 06/25/2018, 6:42:36 AM I wanted to know if the hinges with sku C10526 are sprung open or sprung closed. Thank you.
      A 06/25/2018, 8:46:02 AM Hi Nathan! These hinges will work to keep the door closed.
      Q jeff • 11/28/2018, 8:14:06 AM what is the diameter of the barrel or the take up between door and jamb
      A 11/28/2018, 8:29:30 AM Barrel Diameter is about 1-1/8" Jeff, but that sits out pas the door and frame when this hinge is fully installed. See a cut sheet of our 6" model belwo to see the take up between the door and jamb.