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Series 3 MagnaLatch
    Series 3 MagnaLatch
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    Series 3 MagnaLatch

      Product Name Qty
      Series 3 MagnaLatch, Vertical Pull Model SKU# 928042 $58.30
      Series 3 MagnaLatch, Top Pull Model SKU# 928040 $61.51
      Round Post Adapter Kit for Series 3 MagnaLatch SKU# 928043 $19.57
      Gap Spacer Kit for Series 3 MagnaLatch SKU# 928026 $4.11


      • It's impossible to keep an eye on kids all the time. That's why, for the past 25 years, millions of families have trusted MagnaLatch to keep children safe around residential and public pools, homes, childcare centers, and wherever safety is needed.
      • For metal, wood and vinyl gates.
      • Available in two sizes:
        • Vertical Pull Model for taller gates (ideal gate height is 60")
        • Top Pull Model for shorter gate heights (ideal gate height is 48").
      • For gates where the gap between the gate and post is from 3/8" to 1-7/16" (10 - 37mm).
      • If your gap is 1-1/2" to 2" (38 - 50mm) order the gap spacer kit (SKU 928026).
      • Works standard for mounting to square post fences. For round post fences, you will need to purchase one round post adapter kit (SKU 928043) per latch purchased.
      • The ideal gate height keeps the release knob out of reach of small children.
      • Lift knob is more ergonomic and child resistant.
      • Visible lock indicator shows you at a glance whether it is locked or unlocked.
      • The latch can be adjusted horizontally and vertically after installation.
      • Latch has built in key operated lock.The 6 pin lock can be rekeyed.
      • Includes mounting fasteners and 2 keys.
      • Always check with your building department for your local building code requirements before installing in swimming pool areas.

      If you have children at home or living in your apartment property, you want to ensure their safety at all costs. One way to do this without having to be present or have staff on watch is with MagnaLatch gate pulls. Unlike latches and pulls that are installed low on gates that children can easily unlock, these are designed with curious kids in mind. Offered in two models, the Series 3 MagnaLatch pulls will keep children within the bounds of safety should you or other supervising adults step away for a moment. They're excellent for daycares, pool areas, backyards, playgrounds, and wherever else safety is needed.

      The Series 3 MagnaLatch pulls are available in two sizes according to the gate's height. The Vertical Pull is ideal for gates with heights of 60", while the Top Pull is better for those that are 48". The idea is that the release knob is out of reach of small children, keeping them safe in or out of the fenced area. These pulls are made for gates where the gap between the post and gate is from 1/2" to 1 1/2". Larger gaps will need the gap spacer kit. You'll also need a round post adapter kit for round post fences. After installation, the latch can be positioned vertically or horizontally according to your preference, and the lock indicator will show the status of the gate. The pulls come with mounting hardware and two keys. For further details and downloadable instructions for these pulls, please see the Downloads section located on this page.

      With these MagnaLatch pulls, you'll be able to put your own and other parents' minds at ease knowing that the gates are locked and out of reach of children. Need a quick question answered before placing your order? Use the LiveChat feature on our website to speak directly with an online agent. They'll be able to assess your situation and point you in the right direction for your project. If you have any other questions about the Series 3 MagnaLatch pulls or would like to learn more about our inventory of gate latches, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

      D & D Technologies
      ML3VPKA (Vertical Pull Version)
      ML3TPKA (Top Pull Version)
      ML3RPK (Round Post Adapter Kit)
      MLSPACER (Gap Spacer Kit)
      Magnetic Latch
      Kwikset KW10 (6 Pin)
      Matching stainless fasteners
      Prop 65 Warning
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      2 Questions asked about Series 3 MagnaLatch

      Q Mike Hotchkiss • 12/26/2017, 6:00:41 PM Would this work with a vynal gate with s 4x4 post thats also are vynal
      A 12/27/2017, 9:12:25 AM Yes, this latch works on vinyl gates and posts.
      Q Dave Flanders • 02/27/2018, 10:53:57 AM What is the difference between top pull and vertical pull models
      A 02/27/2018, 12:23:14 PM The difference between the Top Pull version and the Vertical Pull is height. The Top Pull is about 20.5" tall, and designed for shorter gates. The Vertical Pull is about 12" tall, and designed for taller gates.
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