Roller Bearing Weld-On Hinge, Steel

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Roller Bearing Weld-On Hinge, Steel


  • This hinge has a unique bushing design that produces near frictionless movement and maintenenance free usage.
  • Designed to attach to a flat gate frame and a round or flat gate post.
  • Features two sealed roller bearings.
  • No greasing required.
  • Leaves a 2-3/4" gap between the gate and frame.
  • The pivot arm has an oval slot for adjustability of the gap between the gate frame and the post after installation. It offers 1/2" of adjustment.
  • Two hinges are required for most installations.
  • The unplated model (not zinc-chromate) is for projects where a rusted look is desired. It will rust in an outdoor environment. When you receive the unplated product the rust patina will vary in intensity. The pivot bolt, nut and washer will still be plated with zinc chromate.



More Information
Material Steel
Height 3 - 3/4"
Width 1 - 1/2"
Bearings Roller Bearing
Weight Rating 750 lb per pair
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