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Replacements for Grass 830 and 831 Hinges
    Replacements for Grass 830 and 831 Hinges
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    Replacements for Grass 830 and 831 Hinges SKU #: G10027 ★★★★★ ★★★★★ (2)

    Replacements for Grass 830 and 831 Hinges

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    Grass 830 and 831 hinges were discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available. This page will show you how to replace your obsolete Grass hinges with new Compact 33 hinges and new mounting plates.

    Information on Grass 830 & 831 Hinges

    • Grass 830 hinges were for 5/8" thick doors and open 120 degrees.
    • Grass 831 hinges were for 3/4" thick doors and open 105 degrees.
    • Both hinges had a 35mm cup diameter.
    • Both hinges had a 1/8" bore distance

    Replacing Grass 830 & 831 Hinges Using Compact 33 Hinges

    • The Blum Compact 33 hinge is the replacement for these hinges.
    • The Compact 33 will fit into the same 35mm cup drilled into the back of your door.
    • You will need to redrill the small screw holes. Your old screw holes may be left exposed and may need filling if desired.

    How to Order and Select the Correct Compact 33 Mounting Plate

    • For each door that you are working on you will need to order 2 new Compact 33 hinges and 2 new Compact 33 mounting plates. Hinges from different manufacturers articulate differently and mixing different brands of hinges can cause binding. Your existing Grass mounting plates will not work with the new Compact 33 hinges, so be sure to order new mounting plates with your hinges.

    There are two methods to choose your replacement mounting plate:

    • Method 1: If there is a number stamped on your current mounting plate, use the chart below called "Grass 830 and 831 Mounting Plate Conversion Chart" and choose the proper mounting plate.
    • Method 2: If there is no number stamped on your mounting plate, first measure your overlay (click here for instructions, also found under the resources tab) and then use the chart below, "Grass 830 and 831 Mounting Plate Conversion Chart", to match up your overlay dimension with the proper new mounting plate.

    Grass 830 and 831 Mounting Plate Conversion Chart
    Number on Grass Mounting Plate Door Overlay Purchase this Replacement Mounting Plate
    830-09 Face Mount 652294
    830-13 1-3/8" 652348
    830-15 1-5/16" 652348
    830-16 1-1/2" 652350
    830-19 1-1/2" 652350
    830-20 1-3/8" 652348
    830-33 1-1/4" 652349
    830-37 1" 652346
    830-38 9/16" 652344
    830-40 1-1/2" 652350
    830-41 1/2" 652280
    830-42 1/4" 652281
    830-53 1" 652346
    830-67 3/4" 652278

    Satin Nickel
    Half Overlay
    Full Overlay
    Face Mount (1-3/8" or greater)
    110 Degrees
    45mm (1-3/4")
    Four #6 x 5/8" Wood Screws For The Hinge and Mounting Plate.
    Prop 65 Warning
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    5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
    Good replacement
    | October 12th, 2018
    Have used there a couple times now with good results. Wish there was a soft close version.
    | September 18th, 2018
    Worked well after redrilling the screw holes as mentioned.

    6 Questions asked about Replacements for Grass 830 and 831 Hinges

    Q Lou • 01/21/2018, 8:34:06 AM I need to replace the 830 hinge , the whole hinge what do I need. Thank You.
    A 01/22/2018, 1:31:47 PM You will need a Compact 33 hinge (SKU 652276), a mounting plate, and screws if you do not already have some. Please read the directions above about how to choose the correct mounting plate. We also recommend replacing all the hinges on the door to prevent binding issues. If you need additional assistance, please give us a call. 1-877-944-6437
    Q Sam McConnell • 02/23/2018, 8:53:35 AM Can I use the Blum faceplate (in my case, the face mount mounting plate #652294) with my existing Grass 830-09 hinge? Only my mounting plates are breaking over time. Thanks.
    A 02/24/2018, 1:02:15 PM Unfortunately, Grass hinges cannot be used with Blum mounting plates. You will need to replace both the hinges and mounting plates.
    Q maureen melto • 03/01/2018, 2:14:24 PM Hello, I need a mounting plate which is # 830-09. Can I just buy the new mounting plate which is now # 652294 and if so will it work with old hinges which are still working? If not do I have to purchase new hinge's also? If so what number would that be. Thank for any help.
    A 03/01/2018, 2:38:10 PM Hi Maureen! The recommend replacements will not work in conjunction with the old discontinued Grass hardware because they are a different brand. You would have to replace both hinge and mounting plate with the Blum brand. It will still fit in the same cup you have in the backside of the door, but all screw holes would need to be redone. You can view/purchase these through the link below;
    Q Larry Derstine • 03/17/2018, 4:14:20 PM I�m looking to replace several hinges on my kitchen cabinet doors. They are Merillat brand cabinets. However, I cannot find the replacement hinges. It appears that the Grass 830 is a match. How can I be sure?
    A 03/19/2018, 2:59:06 PM Hi Larry! If it is a Grass 830 Series Hinge there should be a complete part number (ex: "830-33") imprinted on the mounting plate which is the bracket attached to the edge of the face frame. You can either reference that, or measure your Overlay to narrow it down considerably. It will fit in the same large cup drilled in the backside of the door, but all screw holes will need to be redone.
    Q Don kirby • 05/08/2018, 12:15:35 PM I need Grass 830 hinges because mounting plates breaking. If my mounting plate screws are 1-1/4 inch apart and mounting face plate is raised 1/4 inch, do I need part #652349 ? Thank you.
    A 05/08/2018, 1:10:34 PM No, in able to determine which mounting plate you need, you will need to measure your overlay. See below.
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