Mepla Pie Cut Corner Hinge Bundle

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Mepla Pie Cut Corner Hinge Bundle
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European Hinge Screw, #6 x 5/8" - 1 Each   +



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Mepla Pie Cut Corner Hinge Bundle

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    • This Mepla hinge is designed for pie cut corner cabinets and is used to hinge door #1 to door #2 of the two door pie cut corner door system.
    • Typically a 170 degree European hinge is used to attach the "two door" system to the cabinet.
    • Hinge and mounting plates are fully adjustable after installation.
    • For door thicknesses of 5/8" to 7/8" or 16mm to 22mm. 
    • The hinge comes with screws and plastic dowels. Dowels are typically used in MDF or particle board materials. The dowels can be discarded if installing in solid wood. Make sure to order wood screws for the mounting plates (2 per mounting plate). Make sure to order screws for the hinge (2 per hinge) if discarding the dowels. Screw size is a #6 flat head screw and is offered for purchase during checkout.
    • This hinge is made up of two parts; the hinge and a mounting plate. Choose your mounting plate based on the thickness of your door.
      • For a 5/8" door thickness (16-17mm) order our 4mm mounting plate (SKU 207106).
      • For a 3/4" door thickness (18-20mm) order our 2mm mounting plate (SKU 207104).
      • For a 7/8" door thickness (21-22mm) order our 0mm mounting plate (SKU 207102).



    More Information
    Manufacturer Grass
    Model # Hinge: 146.700.02.0015
    0mm Plate: 315.393.55.0015
    2mm Plate: 315.393.55.0215
    4mm Plate: 315.393.55.0415
    HS SKU Hinge: 207100
    0mm Plate: 207102
    2mm Plate: 207104
    4mm Plate: 207106
    Finish Name Nickel
    Material Steel
    Cabinet Door Type Lazy Susan/Corner
    Cabinet Type Face Frame, Frameless
    Plate Connection Type Clip-On
    Cup Diameter 35
    Screw Hole Spacing 48mm (1-7/8")
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