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LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock
    LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock
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    Lokklatch Magnetic Gate Lock

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      • Engineered with the most durable materials and finishes that withstand the harsh effects of both time and weather, paired with the quality components only D&D is known for, makes LokkLatch Magnetic the ideal latching solution
      • For gates with a square post where the gate post and gate frame close flush.
      • Works on gate and post thicknesses that range from 1.5" to 6".
      • Works on a gap between gate post and gate frame of from 3/8" to 1-1/4".
      • Works on metal, wood and vinyl gates.
      • This magnetic gate door lock is made from molded polymer with some internal stainless steel components.
      • Available in two models:
        • SKU 928406 are shipped with locks that are keyed to different keys
        • SKU 928064 are shipped with locks that have the same key.
      • This Lokklatch magnetic gate lock uses the "Kwikset" key type. Two keys are included. The locks may be re-keyed by any locksmith. Keys may be duplicated using a 6 Pin Kwikset key blank (KW10).
      • Gates have a "pull" side (pull on gate to open) and a "push" side (push on gate to open).
      • The latch installs on the "pull" side of the gate.
      • This latch can be locked with the key or unlocked with the key, on the "pull" side of the gate AND the "push" side of the gate.
      • Once the latch is locked on one side of the latch it is locked on both sides of the latch.
      • Once the latch is unlocked on one side of the latch it is unlocked on both sides of the latch.

      Gates with square posts where posts and frames close flush, you need a special latching solution to keep them secured. Designed with high quality, durable materials, the LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock can withstand harsh weather and will last for years. No matter what type of material your gate is made of"�wood, vinyl, or metal"�these locks will function perfectly. Available in two models, these locks can give you the peace of mind you need.

      The LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock can be used for gates in residential and commercial properties. These work on gate posts with a thickness ranging from 1.5" to 6". The gap between the gate posts and gate frame can be anywhere from 3/8" to 1 1/4". These locks operate with an intuitive push and pull action, and two locks on either side of the lock. The fasteners are concealed on these models to give the locks a more refined appearance. The LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock installed on the pull side of the gate or the yard side. To attain the perfect fit, they can be adjusted vertically and horizontally post-installation. When unlocked, the gate will not be able to easily push open. A push-button must be pressed, so pets and small children will remain safe. When locked, the latch will be locked on both sides. You may order yours with locks that use the same key or ones that are keyed to different keys. It uses the Kwikset key type that can be rekeyed by any locksmith. Should you lose an original, they can be duplicated using the Kwikset key blank. These latches come with two keys, complete instructions, and mounting hardware.

      Ready to place your order? Once we've received it, we'll have your gate locks shipped within the next business day. For quick questions, chat with us via our LiveChat system on our website to speak with one of our online agents. If you have any other questions about the LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock or would like to learn more about our inventory of gate locks, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

      D & D Technologies
      Magnetic Latch
      Kwikset KW10 (6 Pin)
      Matching Fasteners
      Prop 65 Warning
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      2 Questions asked about LokkLatch Magnetic Gate Lock

      Q Al Cedrone • 12/18/2017, 4:56:52 AM Will the Lokklatch magnetic gate lock stay closed in the unlocked position if a large dog pushes against the gate? Does it have to be locked with key to stay closed.
      A 12/18/2017, 3:41:52 PM There is a push button that must be pushed in as you push when you are on the inside of the gate, so a dog will not be able to push it open when in the unlocked position.
      Q Cody • 12/18/2017, 2:34:45 PM I installed this gate handle and went to close it and it will not RE-open on the push or pull side it is just staying latched what would you recommend? 7572377081
      Not yet Answered.
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