Lifting Shelf Hinge for Kitchen Appliances




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Lifting Shelf Hinge for Kitchen Appliances


  • Pantograph type mechanism which lifts a shelf holding an item such as a blender, slicer, mixer or other appliance from inside a desk or cabinet. Places item at working height.
  • Two powerful springs aid the shelf as it is raised or lowered
  • Automatically locks in the raised position
  • Release the locks to lower the shelf
  • Made from .125" steel
  • Maximum usable height inside the cabinet (lowered position) is 16-1/2"
  • Minimum front to back cabinet depth is 19"
  • Minimum interior cabinet height needed is 19"
  • Maximum shelf depth is 16" 
  • There is no maximum on the shelf width
  • This item is sold by the pair which it what is needed to hang one shelf.



More Information
Material Steel
Load Capacity Maximum recommended 44 lbs
Length 28" Fully extended
Mounting Hardware Included No
Mounting Hardware Type 28 x #6 Pan head screws
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