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Lift Assist for Bar and Countertops
    Lift Assist for Bar and Countertops
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    Lift Assist for Bar and Countertops

      Product Name Qty
      Sugatsune Lift Assist Damper, 70-93 inch/lb SKU# 658954 $89.25
      Sugatsune Lift Assist Damper, 93-120 inch/lb SKU# 658956 $93.50
      Sugatsune Lift Assist Damper, 120-141 inch/lb SKU# 658958 $97.75


      • For Lift-up openings in bars and countertops (bar and countertop vertical doors)
      • Assists the lifting and dampens the closing of the countertop door
      • Creates a smooth and soft closing action, prevents door from slamming shut
      • This lift assist hinge can be easily installed on an existing door

      Important Information

      • For this lift assist hinge to work properly, you must carefully calculate the inch/pound closing force of your countertop door
      • Works only on door thicknesses of from 19/32" to 63/64".
      • For this product to work properly, your countertop door must be hinged with one of the following hinge types:
        • Butt type hinges
        • Piano hinge
        • Soss concealed hinges

      Calculation of Inch/Pound Rating

      • Weight of door (in pounds) times length of door (in inches) times 1/2 (W x L x 1/2 = Inch/Pound Rating)
      • Length of door is the horizontal distance from the hinged side of the door to its opposite end.
      • For example, if you have a countertop door that is 30 inches long by 18 inches wide and it weighs 8 pounds, multiply 30 times 8 and divide by 2 (30 x 8 divided by 2 =120 inch/pounds)
      Prop 65 Warning
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