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Butler Tray Table Hinge, 2-1/2", Satin Brass
    Butler Tray Table Hinge, 2-1/2", Satin Brass
    Purchase Butler Tray Table Hinge, 2-1/2", Satin Brass
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    Butler Tray Table Hinge, 2-1/2", Satin Brass

    $9.59 Each Fasteners Not Included
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      • Hinge is an English reproduction.
      • Locks open in flat position.
      • Holds vertical at 90 degrees.
      • Hinge leaves are 1/8" thick (3/8" at the thickest point). Thickest point measurement is taken with the hinge in its flat position.
      • Solid brass base material.
      Satin Brass
      Eight #5 Flat Head Screws
      Prop 65 Warning
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      ★★★★★ ★★★★★
      4/5 Stars out of 1 Reviews
      Vey nice, but not heavy duty...
      | August 8th, 2018
      My grandchildren couldn't resist testing these out by repeatedly bending them and forcing the leaves down on the tray table beyond their intended ranges. Out of 8 hinges, 6 did actually survive this abuse. Compared to the originals that I bought from Horton Brasses 40 years ago, these are sturdier and much less expensive (plus Horton no longer sells them). Also, #8 screws fit these hinges better than the recommended #6. The brass screws, when inserted into hardwood (Granadillo), tended to either snap off at their heads or just not hold when the pilot holes were enlarged. Instead, I obtained brass-colored, heavy duty, Torx-head screws from Lowes (Home Depot didn't have them), which worked very well. Granadillo is a very dense, exotic hardwood and your experience using softer woods, such as mahogany, might work okay for you. Do realize that if your leaves are 3/4" thick, a 3/4" length screw will be too long.

      2 Questions asked about Butler Tray Table Hinge, 2-1/2", Satin Brass

      Q Denise Waicker • 02/23/2018, 7:23:31 AM does it come with the #5 flat head screws?
      A 02/24/2018, 12:40:15 PM Hi Denise. The screws are not included with this hinge, however, they can be purchased at the link below.
      Q Scott Trent • 06/01/2018, 1:19:31 PM Is the distance from the end of the hinge to where the actual hinge part is, the part that moves, ONE INCH in length....>?? IF it is then perhaps this hinge's over all length would work with my table...? I also am wondering if the "round ended" ones would have a different length in regards to that part of the total hinge item, in that my original hinges are a total overall length of THREE INCHES..... thanks..... I would hate to buy EIGHT and not have them work......!!
      A 06/01/2018, 4:11:57 PM Hi Scott! The 2-1/2" is going to be the entire length of the hinge so half that would be 1-1/14". It's recommended to measure the entire length of your current hinge and the width at the widest point to compare and see if it would match.
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