Blum Inserta Hinge for Frameless Overlay Cabinets - Bundle

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Blum Inserta Hinge for Frameless Overlay Cabinets - Bundle
Blum Inserta Hinge for Frameless Overlay Cabinets - Bundle Blum Inserta Hinge for Frameless Overlay Cabinets - Bundle Alt
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Blum Inserta Hinge for Frameless Overlay Cabinets - Bundle

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    • Blum Inserta straight arm hinge bundle for overlay doors on frameless cabinets.
    • Inserta hinges install on the door without using screws. On the hinge cup is a cover that acts as a lever. By pressing down on the lever, an anchor device is expanded which secures the hinge. This type of hinge is also known as a tool-free or toolless hinge.
    • This hinge uses two 8mm (5/16") holes where the wood screw holes would normally be to secure the hinge. Click on the link below to view the Inserta screw hole pattern.
    • The hinge and mounting plate attach to each other by snapping on.

    What's Included

    • 1 x Blum Inserta Straight Arm Hinge
    • 1 x Frameless Mounting Plate
      • There are four possible mounting plates for frameless overlay cabinets. Each plate is a different height, which, in combination with the bore distance, changes the door overlay. It is important to match up your overlay to make sure your doors sit in the right position on your cabinet. To chose the correct mounting plate, use the "How to Select Your Mounting Plate" link below.
    • 2 x #6 Wood Screws for the Mounting Plate

    Optional Accessories

    • Cover Plate for the Hinge Arm - Hides the screws on the hinge arm providing a cleaner appearance (SKU 268001)
    • Soft-Close Add-On Device - Eliminates slamming of the door and dampens the closing action (SKU 268230)

    Available for purchase separately:

    • Restriction clip. Limits angle of opening to 86 degrees (SKU 701113)
    • Blum Touch Latch for Self-Closing Doors (SKU 268822)
    • 35mm Forstner Bit, for new installations (SKU 204000)
    • Ecodrill, installation jig, for new installations (SKU 701000)



    More Information
    Manufacturer Blum
    Model # Hinge: 71T3590
    0mm Plate: 175H7100
    3mm Plate: 175H7130
    6mm Plate: 175H9160
    9mm Plate: 175H7190
    HS SKU Hinge: 701158
    0mm Plate: 652296
    3mm Plate: 652301
    6mm Plate: 652303
    9mm Plate: 652302
    Finish Name Nickel
    Material Steel
    Cabinet Door Type Half Overlay, Full Overlay
    Cabinet Type Frameless
    Soft Closing No
    Self-Closing Yes
    Plate Connection Type Clip-On
    Opening Angle 110 Degrees
    Cup Diameter 35
    Screw Hole Spacing 45mm (1-3/4")
    Mounting Hardware Included Yes
    Mounting Hardware Type Two #6 x 5/8" wood screws for the mounting plate
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