Blum Inserta Hinge for Back-to-Back Cabinets - Bundle

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Blum Inserta Hinge for Back-to-Back Cabinets - Bundle
Blum Inserta Hinge for Back-to-Back Cabinets - Bundle Blum Inserta Hinge for Back-to-Back Cabinets - Bundle
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Blum Inserta Hinge for Back-to-Back Cabinets - Bundle

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    • Blum Inserta half-cranked hinge bundle for back-to-back (also known as twin overlay) doors on frameless cabinets.
    • Inserta hinges install on the door without using screws. On the hinge cup is a cover that acts as a lever. By pressing down on the lever, an anchor device is expanded which secures the hinge. This type of hinge is also known as a tool-free or toolless hinge.
    • This hinge uses two 8mm (5/16") holes where the wood screw holes would normally be to secure the hinge. Click on the link below to view the Inserta screw hole pattern.
    • The hinge and mounting plate attach to each other by snapping on.

    What's Included

    • 1 x Blum Inserta Half-Cranked Hinge
    • 1 x Frameless Mounting Plate
    • Depending on cabinet side wall thickness you will need either of the following screws:
      • For cabinet wall thickness of 5/8" to 7/8", you will need to use back to back mounting screws. 
      • For cabinet wall thickness of 1" or greater, use #6 x 5/8" screws.
      • Note that only two back to back screws are required for two hinges, whereas you would need four #6 x 5/8" screws for two hinges.

    Optional Accessories

    • Cover Plate for the Hinge Arm - Hides the screws on the hinge arm providing a cleaner appearance (SKU 268002)
    • Soft-Close Add-On Device - Eliminates slamming of the door and dampens the closing action (SKU 268230)

    Available for purchase separately:

    • Plastic Dowels, used on manufactured wood products where wood screws do not hold well (SKU 652368)
    • Restriction clip. Limits angle of opening to 86 degrees (SKU 701113)
    • Blum Touch Latch for Self-Closing Doors (SKU 268822)
    • 35mm Forstner Bit, for new installations (SKU 204000)
    • Ecodrill, installation jig, for new installations (SKU 701000)



    More Information
    Manufacturer Blum
    Model # Hinge: 71T3690
    0mm Plate: 175H7100
    Finish Name Nickel
    Material Steel
    Cabinet Door Type Half Overlay
    Cabinet Type Frameless
    Soft Closing No
    Self-Closing Yes
    Plate Connection Type Clip-On
    Opening Angle 110 Degrees
    Cup Diameter 35
    Screw Hole Spacing 45mm (1-3/4")
    Mounting Hardware Included Yes
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