Blum Hinge Cup Spacer Plates

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Blum Hinge Cup Spacer Plates


Clip Top Hinge Model

  • All Blum Clip Top type hinges require that the cup drilled in the back of your door is at least 13mm (1/2" deep). 
  • Prior Blum Clip top hinges required a 12.5mm cup depth. We recommend that you measure the cup depth on your doors before ordering. 
  • Many cabinet makers used a 13mm cup depth even though the requirement was only 12.5mm so yours may actually already be drilled to 13mm. 
  • If your cup depth measures only 12.5, purchase this hinge cup spacer plate which you can install under the hinge cup to make up for the 0.5 mm difference. 
  • This spacer plate works for both standard Clip Top Blum hinges and Clip Top Blumotion hinges. 
  • Does not work for Blum's Compact Blumotion hinges. For a spacer for Blum's Compact Blumotion hinges use our SKU 268790.
  • Note: This spacer plate is actually 1.5mm thick and will make up a difference of up to 1.5mm.
Blumotion Compact Hinge Model
  • Spacer plate for Blum's Compact Blumotion hinges.
  • For use under the hinge cup for thin or profile doors.
  • Does not work on Blum's standard Blumotion hinges (use clip-top model instead).
  • This spacer plate is about 1/16" in thickness.
  • Blum's Compact Blumotion hinges are available in two cup depth models: 7/16" or 1/2".
  • Examples of use:
    • If your door is drilled for a 7/16" cup depth, this spacer would allow you to use a hinge with a 1/2" cup depth.
    • If your door has a beveled edge or a profile that only allows you to drill a 3/8" cup depth, you could use this spacer and a shallow model (7/16" cup depth) Compact Blumotion hinge.



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