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Anselmi AN 170 3D Adjustable Concealed Hinge
    Anselmi AN 170 3D Adjustable Concealed Hinge
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    Anselmi AN 170 3D Adjustable Concealed Hinge SKU #: C10868 Not Rated Yet

    Anselmi AN 170 3D Adjustable Concealed Hinge

    $42.00 Each


      • Hinge is completely concealed when door is closed.
      • For flush residential doors with wood frames.
      • Each leaf measures 110 mm (4.331") long by 24 mm (0.945") wide.
      • Easily adjustable in 3 dimensions after installation:
        • Height (vertical): +/- 2.5mm (0.098")
        • Depth (in/out): +/- 1.0mm (0.039")
        • Side (horizontal): +/- 1.5mm (0.059")
        • See the document under the Downloads section titled "Specs & Adjustment Instructions" for further details.
      • Hinges are sold individually. Listed weight ratings are based on using two hinges on your door. Weight rating for a 6'8" door is 132 lb per pair.
        • If you have an unsual door size, see the document under the Downloads section titled "Weight Rating Information" for further details.

      Optional Accessories

      • The following items can be found under related products:
      • Fixing Plate (SKU 909516) for residential doors with casing frames. This plate provides a reinforced surface for thin frames that would otherwise not be able to support the depth of this hinge. The hinge mounts directly to this plate with included bolts.
      • Routing Template (SKU 909520) specifically designed for Anselmi AN 170 3D hinges.
      • Router Bits. The AN 170 3D uses the 1/2" router bit (SKU 909204).
      • Universal Milling Frame (SKU 909200) for use with the Anselmi Routing Template to make installation of Anselmi hinges fast and easy.

      benefits of using a 3D hinge versus a butt hinge; While both 3D hinges and butt hinges serve the basic function of attaching doors to frames, there are several reasons why 3D hinges may be considered better than butt hinges in certain situations:

      1. Adjustability: 3D hinges are adjustable in three dimensions, which means that they can be precisely aligned with the door and frame in terms of height, depth, and width. Butt hinges, on the other hand, only provide limited adjustability and may require additional shimming or sanding to achieve proper alignment.

      2. Concealment: 3D hinges are designed to be fully concealed within the door and frame, which means that they do not detract from the aesthetic appearance of the door. Butt hinges, on the other hand, are partially visible when the door is closed, which can be undesirable in certain design contexts.

      3. Load capacity: 3D hinges are generally more robust than butt hinges and are able to support heavier doors with greater ease. This makes them a better choice for doors that are large or heavy, or that are subjected to frequent use.

      4. Durability: 3D hinges are often made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which provides superior corrosion resistance and durability compared to the materials typically used for butt hinges.

      Overall, the main advantages of 3D hinges over butt hinges are greater adjustability, concealment, load capacity, and durability, making them a better choice for high-end residential and commercial settings where appearance and performance are critical.

      1 - 3/8" to 1 - 3/4"
      132 lbs per pair
      Two flat head DIN 7505-A screws for the frame side and two pan head DIN 7505-B screws for the door side
      Prop 65 Warning
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