Piano Hinge, Solid Brass

Piano Hinge, Solid Brass

Solid Brass piano hinge with screw holes and small brass piano hinge. Also known as continous hinge.

Small Piano Hinge, Solid Brass

Small Piano Hinge, Solid Brass
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our manufacturer discontinued this product. We are currently searching for a replacement.
  • small piano hinges are great for securing lids and doors on small chests and boxes
  • solid brass #2 x 3/8" flat head screws are included
  • The center-to-center hole spacing is 2-1/2"
  • Diameter of hinge pin barrel is 1/8".
  • PLEASE NOTE: While we are able to cut the larger piano hinges to facilitate shipping we are not able to make cuts on this small piano hinge.


  • Polished Brass
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Solid Brass With Holes

Solid Brass With Holes
  • Solid brass material.
  • Screw holes measure 2 inches center to center.
  • Knuckle length is 1/2".
  • Semi Polished finish.
  • Has good anti-corrosion properties.
  • If used out-of-doors it must be polished regularly to maintain its bright polished look.
  • Screws are not included, but are offered for purchase during checkout. A full length of piano hinge uses about 72 screws per length. (PLEASE NOTE: #4 x 1/2" screws are included for the 48" hinge, SKU 596306).

      • The first cut on each piece of hinge is free.
      • Each additional cut is $3.00 (limit 5 cuts per hinge).
      • We will ship the remaining parts of any hinge that has been cut.
      • Our cutting blade is approximately 1/16" thick so there is some loss of material with every cut made. For example, a hinge with 5 cuts made will lose 5/16" of material.
      • The hinge knuckles on this product are spaced at 1/2" intervals. Please keep this in mind when sizing your cuts. It is best to ask for a cut at a joint or in the middle of a knuckle. That means that it is really best to ask for cuts that are sized to a whole inch, a 1/2 inch or a 1/4 inch (for example 12" or 12-1/2" or 12-1/4").
      • Hinge that has been cut for you is absolutely not returnable and the order may not be canceled if it has already been cut. In order to meet our promise of "next working day shipping" we are sometimes cutting your hinge within 30 minutes after your order has been placed. If you need to change your order we need to hear from you within 30 minutes of the time the order has been placed. No changes or cancellations may be made after 30 minutes on any hinge cutting order.
      • ACCURACY; we can only promise cutting accuracy to plus or minus 1/8".
      • Piano hinge that is 42" or longer is considered "Oversize" by UPS. There is an additional $10.85 charge added to any piano hinge that is 42" or longer.
      • You can save the $10.85 oversize shipping charge by having your hinge cut to a size below 42". If you order more than one hinge there is only one $10.85 charge per order.

Please Note: UPS does not guarantee delivery times on Next Day, 2nd Day or 3 Day shipments that are oversized. We do not recommend express delivery for piano hinges.

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