Partial Inset Hinges, Partial Wrap

Partial Inset Hinges, Partial Wrap

The hinges in this section are "Partial Inset Hinges". These hinges are also called "Lipped Hinges". Part of the door sits inside the door opening and part of the door (the lip) sits on top of the opening (similiar to an overlay door). Doors for these hinges will have a cutout on the edge of the door.

Partial Wrap Hinge, 3/8" Inset, Weathered Nickel

Partial Wrap Hinge, 3/8
  • Fits cabinet doors with a 3/8" inset and a 3/8" lip.
  • Matching wood screws are included.
  • With the door in the closed position, only the hinge pin is visible.
  • Hinge is self-closing.
  • Hinge mounts to back of door and edge of face frame.
  • Weathered nickel finish is a darker nickel finish similar to pewter.


  • Weathered Nickel

Please Note: this item is currently back ordered with the manufacturer. The manufacturer's best estimated lead time for when this product will arrive is mid May. We apologize for the extended lead time.

If you place an order for these hinges we will hold your order and ship them as soon as they become available. If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 877-944-6437.

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