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Double Demountable 5/8" Overlay Hinge

Double Demountable 5/8" Overlay Hinge

Product Information & Specifications

  • Double demountable hinges mount with two inserts, one in a slot on the edge of the face frame and the other in a slot on the edge of the door.
  • Overlay dimension is 5/8".
  • For overlay doors. An overlay door is a door that is larger than the cabinet opening (it "overlays" the opening) that it covers. When the door is closed it "sits" on top of the opening. No part of the door enters the opening when the door is in the closed position.
  • No screws are needed.
  • Hinge measures 2-1/4" tall. Hinge pin length is 1-7/8".
  • Made from steel base material.
  • PLEASE NOTE: THIS HINGE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You may be able to use our 1/2" Double Demountable hinge as a replacement (replace both hinges on any door you are working on). Using a hinge with a slightly smaller overlay will cause the door when in the closed position to shift slightly. A door hinged on the left side will shift 1/8" to the right. A door hinged on the right side will cause the door position to shift 1/8" to the left. In most cases this will not cause problems. If you have double doors it willdecrease the gap between the doors by 1/4", which may be a problem.


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