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3/8" Inset Hinge, Single Demountable

3/8" Inset Hinge, Single Demountable

Product Information & Specifications

PLEASE NOTE: This hinge has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There is no remaining stock available for sale. We are leaving this page up on the website for reference only. (SKU 398004).

  • Self-closing, 3/8" Inset hinge.
  • Single demountable hinges use an insert that slides into a slot that is cut into the edge of the door. They are held in place by tightening a machine screw.
  • These hinges are made for 3/8" partial inset doors on a face frame cabinet. Partial inset doors have a cutout (rabbet) on the edge of the door. The cutout measures 3/8" in both directions. Also known as "lipped" doors.
  • Screws are included.
  • Hinge measures 2-1/4" tall. Joint length is 1-7/8". The joint length is the tip to tip measurement of the hinge pin.
  • Made from steel base material.
  • Single demountable hinges attach to the face frame of the cabinet with two wood screws in the normal way.
  • PLEASE NOTE: this hinge is made for partial inset doors. Partial inset doors have a rabbet (or cutout) around the entire edge of the door. This rabbet allows the door, when closed, to fit partially into the door opening and creates a "lip" which partially overlays the door opening.