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Mepla - Grass SSP Hinges for Pie Cut Corner Door

Mepla - Grass SSP Hinges for Pie Cut Corner Door

Product Information & Specifications

  • SSP hinges by Grass and Mepla are no longer available. Please read on to find out about the replacement hinge.
  • Originally produced by Grass and then by Mepla when Mepla purchased the Grass Company.
  • There is a Mepla hinge that may be used as a replacement if you have broken or missing SSP hinges.
    • Please click on the link below for instructions on how to replace these SSP hinges.
    • If your doors are 3/4" thick then there is a kit you can buy that will replace both hinges, included in the kit are 2 hinges, 2 mounting plates, screws, instructions and 2 wooden plugs needed to fill the old holes. The replacement hinge kit is our SKU 701192.
    • If your door is a thickness other than 3/4" thick then you will need to order the hinges, mounting plates and screws separately. Unfortunately Grass does not sell the wooden plugs separately so you will have to make them using a hole saw or a plug cutter.
    • Please click on the link below to go to our Mepla replacement hinge page.
    • You will need to replace both hinges and both mounting plates on the door.
    • The replacement job does require some woodworking skills to accomplish.
    • Wood plugs needed to fill the existing holes need to be supplied by the installer of the hinge
    • If you order our Hinge Kit (SKU 701192), wood plugs are included in the kit.
    • If you order the separate components you will need to make your own wood plugs as they are not included.
    • They can be cut out of scrap lumber with a hole saw and ground down or sanded to fit. Install in the old hole using a wood clamp and wood glue.
    • Unfortunately, the wood plugs are not available separately, to get them you must order the Hinge Kit, SKU 701192