Blum European Glass Door Hinges

Blum European Glass Door Hinges

  • European style glass door hinges
    • Straight arm style for overlay doors
    • 1/2 cranked style for twin overlay or back to back doors
    • Full Cranked style for inset doors
    • Also available are the cover caps and mounting plates
    • Made by Blum.

Blum Glass Door Hinges

Blum Glass Door Hinges
  • European style glass door hinges for inset, overlay and twin overlay glass doors.
  • Hinges feature a 94 degree opening angle and 3 dimensional adjustment.
  • This hinge system requires that the glass door have a 26mm hole bored for each hinge used.
  • They work with glass thicknesses of 4.5mm to 7mm (slightly under 3/16 to slightly over 1/4 inch).
  • The hinge system is made up of 4 items which are ordered separately; the hinge, the cover cap, the mounting plate and the wood screws for the mounting plate.
  • The hinges come in 3 types; "Straight Arm" for overlay doors, "Half Cranked" for twin overlay doors (also known as "Back-to-Back" doors, and "Full Cranked" for inset doors.
  • The "Cover Caps" (required to hold glass door to hinge system) are available in 2 finishes; (BlackandChrome), and two types (Roundand D-shaped). Screws to hold cover cap to hinge are included with hinge.
  • All parts of the hinge and cover cap that touch the glass are plastic material.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The hinges on this page require mounting plates (and screws) and cover caps to work. Please make sure to order one mounting plate and one cover cap for each hinge ordered. Cover caps are found on this page. Each mounting plate requires two screws.

Accessories available for this hinge (Offered for purchase at check-out):

  • Mounting plates for frameless applications, required for installation.
  • Hinge cover caps, covers adjustment screws, dresses up the hinge (SKU 268004)
  • Glass door pull.


  • Black Cover Cap
  • Chrome Cover Cap
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Blum Clip Top Mounting Plates for Frameless Cabinets

Blum Clip Top Mounting Plates for Frameless Cabinets
  • Mounts on the INSIDE WALL OF THE CABINET (not on the face frame)
  • When replacing worn out or broken Blum hinges it is a good idea to replace all the hinges on your door at the same time
  • Use one of the "Clip Top" hinges with this mounting plate
  • Mounts with #6 flat head screws (sold separately, order our SKU# 652360). Screws are offered for purchase during checkout.
  • These mounting plates are also used with Blum Glass Door Hinges.
  • If you place the mounting plate on a flat surface and you measure from the flat surface to the top of the mounting plate you will get the actual height;
  • SKU 652296 measures 8 mm or 5/16" (Blum calls this plate 0 mm).
  • SKU 652301 measures 11 mm or 7/16" (Blum calls this plate 3 mm).
  • SKU 652303 measures 14 mm or 9/16" (Blum calls this plate 6 mm).
  • SKU 652302 measures 17 mm or 11/16" (Blum calls this plate 9 mm).
  • For more information on these mounting plates see our web page that contains the Blum hinge you intend to use.


  • Nickel Plated
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