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Old Style Aximat Hinge, 270 Degree, Full Overlay

Old Style Aximat Hinge, 270 Degree, Full Overlay

Product Information & Specifications

  • Aximat hinges are for 270 degree opening doors.
  • Aximat hinge is for cabinets with 3/4" (19mm)thick door and 3/4" (19mm) thick side panel.
  • Installs in a 35mm cup drilled in the back of the door.
  • Door overlay will be 15mm (19/32").
  • Hinge allows door to be free swinging and has an internal snap catch which holds the door in the closed positon.
  • Each hinge uses two types of screws. Three each #5 or #6 flat head screws and two "System screws". The screw holes for the "System screws" are located under the black plastic cover shown in the photo.  Screws are not included but offered for purchase during checkout.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This Aximat hinge has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have left this on the website for reference. The replacement for this hinge is our "New Style Aximat Hinge, 270 Degree, Full Overlay".


  • Nickel
  • Black