What is a pair of hinges?

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A “PAIR” means 2 hinges. “EACH” means 1 hinge. Please pay special attention to the “UNIT” so you receive the correct number of hinges that you want.

Unit Column

It is a myth that hinges are always sold by the pair

Take a look at your front door. It is likely that there are three hinges on your door. Does it make sense that door hinges should be always be sold by the pair, if the average front door has 3 hinges on it?

HardwareSource sells hinges by the EACH (unless they are packaged in PAIRS by the manufacturer). When making a purchase on our website, please pay special attention to the UNIT. The UNIT is located near the price of the hinge. The UNIT tells you how the hinge is sold so you can determine the correct quantity that you need. It will say EACH, PAIR or sometimes SET or LENGTH for special hinges.

For example:

If the unit says EACH and you need 2 hinges for your door,
then order 2 EACH — you’ll receive 2 hinges

If the unit says PAIR and you need 2 hinges for your door,
then order 1 PAIR — you’ll receive 2 hinges

The fact that a typical butt hinge has two hinge leaves makes it even more confusing. Take a look here for a more visual explanation:

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