How do I estimate hinge weight capacity?

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We are often asked, “How can I estimate how much weight these hinges will carry”. It depends. We buy hinges from several hundred different hinge makers. Many manufacturers elect not to provide weight ratings on their products, probably because doing so creates liability issues. If the manufacturer provides weight ratings, we always include them on our web page with the product.

Guidelines for determining door weight

The answer to how much weight a set of hinges will carry depends on what kind of hinge you are asking about. If the hinge is a butt hinge for a full sized door, email us the following information and we can tell you what size butt hinge and how many to use:

  1. Height of door
  2. Width of door
  3. Thickness of door
  4. Weight of door

Click here for our Door Weight Guide

Hinge weight ratings tip for cabinet doors, gates, shutters and  windows

If we do not provide a weight rating on our web page, the best way for you to determine if a hinge will hold your door is to look for an existing door (or gate, shutter, window) in the same size range and see what type and size of hinge is being used. A hinge that is about the same size will hold a door in the same size range.

Two other things to keep in mind about weight ratings are:

  1. In all cases, hinge weight ratings apply only to doors that swing horizontally (like the front door on your house). If you intend to use a hinge on a vertically swinging door (like a trap door) the weight rating will definitely not apply. Any installation, like this is experimental on your part.
  2. The width of your door or gate is as important as the weight of your door or gate. As door widths get larger, a very large amount of leverage is created which puts stress on the hinge and the fasteners holding the hinge. Something to keep in mind when thinking about hinge weight ratings.

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