Can you match my screw hole patterns?

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Everyone, who has ever replaced a hinge has wished to find one where the screw hole pattern on the new hinge matched the screw hole pattern on the old hinge, obviously, so that they won’t have to re-drill the screw holes.

Over the past 50 years or so, there have been hundreds (if not thousands) of hinge manufacturers that have come and gone. The sad fact is that these hinge manufacturers have never gotten together and standardized any hinge screw hole pattern (there are two exceptions to this, see below). Put another way, it is nearly impossible to search for a hinge by specifying that the screw hole pattern matches your existing hinge.

Because of the labor involved and the very slim chance that there is a match, we are not able to search our warehouse for you to try to match your existing screw hole pattern. The reality of screw hole patterns is that it is easier to re-drill your screw holes than it is to waste hours searching for a match.

One other thing about trying to use existing screw holes. Sometimes the screw hole pattern is close but not exact. If you try to use an existing screw hole pattern that is close but not exact, you may find that your door does not close properly. It is almost always better to fill the old holes and re-drill.

Click here to view a short but excellent YouTube video on how to deal with old screw holes.

The two exceptions regarding standardized screw hole patterns, apply to two specific types of hinges

  1. European style hinges. More and more European style hinge manufacturers are moving to the Blum screw hole standard (45mm or 1-3/4”) between the screw holes for the 35mm cup diameter hinges. Most of the 35mm hinges that we stock are the Blum 45 mm screw hole spacing. We, also, stock hinges with a 42 mm (1-5/8″) screw hole spacing. You can find these if you look in our Grass Hinge section. Click here to go there: Grass Hinges.  You can also click here to see the drilling pattern for both 42mm and 45 mm European Hinges.
  2. Architectural grade butt hinges (also known as Template Hinges). These hinges are heavier than the more typical Residential Grade hinges and are built to an industry wide template. Yes, the screw hole pattern of two hinges that are the same size will match exactly!


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