About HardwareSource

HardwareSource is the specialty hinge division of San Diego Hardware. We’ve been the complete hardware and hinges source for San Diego and Southern California since 1892 (no, that is not a typo). Which means you can depend on our service and quality products now. Or when you re-order from us weeks, months and years from now.

San Diego Hardwere - the home of HardwareSource.com

San Diego Hardware - the home of HardwareSource.com

Our Promise: “You will find it here.”

Whether you’re a building contractor, or performing commercial upgrades, or a homeowner doing some remodeling, one thing’s certain: you will find the hinges you’re looking for.

Here’s What You’ll Find at HardwareSource.com:

  • The widest selection of hinge styles and finishes anywhere.
  • Quality manufacturers like Soss, Amerock, Hager and Stanley.
  • Everything in stock, ready for immediate delivery to you.
  • Easy ordering online or by phone, fax or mail.

HardwareSource gives you everything from plain steel butt hinges to flip-flop table hinges, antique icebox or modern refrigerator hinges.

You’ll find a huge array of architectural hinges in a full range of finishes. Plus specialty hinges for storm doors, card tables, sewing machines, jewelry boxes, pianos, glass doors, mirrors, and drop-leaf tables. In short, over 4,000 different hinges in all styles, sizes and finishes.

And if you need something as exotic as an “invisible” hinge, or a hard-to-find Hoosier hinge, our only question is: “How many?”

Once you find the hinge you need, you may want to know if it comes in Antique English, Burnished Brass, Chrome Plated, Satin Nickel, or other finishes. Or what size and type of screws it takes. Are the screws included? And what’s the size of the overlay, inset, or joint length? That’s why we provide all pertinent information you’d want to have before placing your order. It’s clear. Concise. Complete. So you can be sure that what you get will be precisely what you need.

If you know the hinge SKU or part number, type it in our Search box and press enter to pull it up and place your order online quickly. You can also call us toll-free at 1-877-944-6437. Or you can email us. We are proud of the fact that we answer all emails promptly. You can email us right now at info@HardwareSource.com.

Thank you for interest in HardwareSource.

Bill Haynsworth

Read what our customer’s are saying about HardwareSource.com:

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. I am also
impressed by the fact that you actually responded to an email
question. I cannot tell you how many companies just seem to
ignore emails. (J. Vasquez)

After many weeks of trying to find a replacement cabinet
hinge for my broken out of production ones, numerous
internet sites simply said they didn’t have anything or didn’t
reply at all. Then I inquired at (Info@HardwareSource.com).
… I couldn’tbe more satisfied with the superb, friendly response.
For all my future hardware needs you can bet I will be contacting
this site and I believe it was Rex that was so professional and
helpful. Thank you so much. (G. R. Sperry)

When I emailed you, I certainly did not expect to get
a response before I got off the computer at 10 at night!! 
You may not be in the same part of the country as I am but 
it’s 10 here and I thank you for your promptness!!!
-C. Hendee, Atlanta GA

I got the hinges I ordered from you on my kitchen cabinets. 
They look great. I could not find that style anywhere else, 
in stores or the internet, and I need it to match my other 
hinges. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

Thank you sincerely for your incredibly prompt and pertinent 
response and for the links you provided. I am grateful for 
the advice and am very impressed with your professionalism!
-Aram J.

When he threw them away, the painter I hired didn’t know 
that the 5/8″ offset hinges on all my kitchen cabinets were 
the original hardware from when the cabinets were installed 
in the early 1960s, so it didn’t occur to him that he might 
not be able to easily replace these old style hinges that 
were covered with layers of paint with the new 3/8″ offset 
hinges he purchased at one of the many super-sized hardware 
chains in my area.  When he gave me the bad news I figured 
I could special order these outdated sized hinges at one of 
the big chains, but Home Depot, Ace and Lows could not order 
them and only stock the newer 3/8″ offset hinges. That evening 
I e-mail ten different on-line resources for cabinet hinges.
The next day I received nine replies saying that the 5/8″ 
offset hinges were no longer available.  HardwareSource.com 
was the only source that stocked what I needed and even offered 
to deliver then in two days so the painters finished on time.
-D. Reed, Rancho Mirage CA

HardwareSource saved me time and money. In accordance with my 
telephone conversation with the receptionist. I attached photos 
of a special hinge. I asked if they had it and, if not, could 
they kindly direct me to a source. 
   HardwareSource responded to my email on that same afternoon 
giving me the exact name of the hinge but stating that they do 
not stock them. They informed me they did not have the hinge but 
told me what search term to use on Google. After my search, I 
learned it is possible to order online with next day delivery.
   Kudos to a business that goes the “extra mile” to 
professionally and courteously serve their customers to the 
maximum. HardwareSource presents an effective website. I will 
do business with them again and refer my associates to them.